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Friday, 1 September 2017

Enhänta Bödlar ‎– Sista Smörjelsen (Selbstmord Organización ‎– MORD 7, cassette, 1983, mp3 128)

Here's something you won't see every day: some extremely early work of
the infamous roger karmanik, recording as enhanta bodlar (bomb the
daynursery)! obviously, if one is expecting the usual doom'n'gloom that
has come to characterize the sound of brighter death now, you'll be in
for a surprize. it's very primitive (keep in mind roger was but a
youth when he recorded this), but if you enjoyed the recent re-release
of "discipline through mental-illness" on cmi, then this might be right
up your alley. either way, now you can save your hard-earned 
(or perhaps not?) cash and use it to buy some other equally obscure 
(and vastly overpriced) release on ebay. by the way, my cassette was
numbered 8, but no idea what the edition size was. odds are this is
just my "personal number", as karmanik put it, and in no way gives one
an adequite idea of how many there are in existence.

Artist: brighter death now (as enhanta bodlar)
Title: sista smorjelson (selbstmord 7, 1983)