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Sunday, 12 October 2014

SIEGMAR FRICKE - 1987 (Hahamandad - HA012, C60, 1990 | DIGITAL REMASTER 2014)

Our "disko boy" Siegmar Fricke remastered another old cassette solely for WET DREAMS. (Thank you Siegmar!)
"1987" was recorded on magnetophon with the use of Yamaha keyboard and Yamaha sampler, furthermore, originally released on Hahamandad label held by Dutch Messy and Amanda Man "Amy" in 1987 on C-60. 
Also worth noting is that Hahamandad label has hosted a big tape festival in 1990 in Ternuezen where then-22-year-old Siegmar had his debut which you can see below....

You can download this video HERE on official PHARMAKUSTIK Vimeo.

Although the track on the video is dated 1990 (not available on the 1987 tape), it's still important documentation which testifies the gathering of great underground musicians like factor X, Beurk, M.I.Dotan, Bram D, Dva Met Dva Nichts & PDM, Nostalgie Eternelle, From Nursery To Misery, Das Freie Orchester, Marilyn's Army, Grey Wolves, Contact T.B.D., Harald 'Sack' Ziegler, Beequeen, Selfs Without Shells and Dark Star performing and selling their tapes...

Funny or not, I surely couldn't resist moving my feet to the beat! Again!